Advanced Barebow Seminar - Grass Hollow Archery

Advanced Barebow Seminar - Grass Hollow Archery

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The next Advanced Barebow Seminar is April 30-May 1  with Friday night shoot around at Grass Hollow Archery at 6pm !

Friday we will do a shoot off round Robin double elimination- Saturday will be form evals and video, base line score with current form, instruction, introduce The Barebow Shot Sequence ,start learning The Building Blocks Of The Mental Game , introduce the library of shooting drills.

Sunday we will continue shooting drills, Finish Building Blocks Of The Mental Game, re-score with form changes and you will learn how to identify the steps of your shot process. Lastly we will do another round Robin elimination learning how to implement what yoh learned!

The inaugural class in Reno reviews were amazing! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Sign up here:

Private lessons are available for students after class both days. Please book in advance as they fill up quickly.

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*Registration fees are non refundable after 1/20/22. All refunds requested before that date  will be deducted 10% processing fees